piper falls asleep on reyna, who doesn’t really mind.

until piper starts drooling, that is

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Calypso’s gonna come off that island and take one look at Annabeth and is gonna be like damn Percy I understand why u left

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Sometimes I ask myself what I’m doing, is it out of character or is it acceptable but then I’m like, nah, and post anyway


Brotherly love.

Part 1.

And that´s how my little project in honor of the cause Operation: Make Nico smile, begins. Leo is coming!

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heroes of olympus + urban dictionary definitions

this started as a joke but ended up being really accurate

all art by minuiko

the rejects:

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Guess who just re-watched Horton Hears a Who and hasn’t slept in forever?


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bisexualjason proposed a jasico pacrim au with Raleigh/Mako dynamics aaaand I started drawing some scenes and couldn’t stop. Most of these are just screencap redraws from the movie (and I considered giving Nico highlights buuuut it looked kind of weird haha). 

In which ex-pilot Jason’s reluctance to return, after his sister and copilot’s death years ago, dissipates when he meets Nico, a small Italian whose home, sister, and mother were lost in a Kaiju attack when he was young. They name their jaeger “Night Fury” (the unholy offspring of lightening and death).

(click pictures for captions)

(more to come later!)

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Percy visited Annabeth in California and they took Nico out to the beach so he and Percy can try out surfing for the first time.

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preppy thalia? heck ye

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a quick, transparent Hazel to save me from this art block

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In which I regress to eighth grade and draw shitty weeb drawings


Another fave Roman praetor + child of the underworld pair uwu

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just remember that while you were sending anon hate frank zhang was saving the world

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this is rick riordan saying his name in case anyone is curious about the pronunciation because i had it COMPLETELY WRONG


Cuties. :D

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